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We're Brand Shepherds

Supporting a brand's success requires the deft touch supplied by seasoned hands. Our talented creative team has deep experience in all levels of brand application across a variety of media. As we manage the equity of an existing brand, or nurture a new brand to establish equity, our skills are always focused on the protection and growth of your brand image.

The Process

The first stage of our branding process is the "Brand Charrette." This research phase offers a lively and thorough intellectual examination of your organization's products and services, customers and competition. We're searching for the brand essence and your organization's core competitive advantage. The charrette structure helps us get to it.

With this acquired knowledge, we move to the second stage designed to fashion a "Brand Road Map" through a creative dialogue that is iterative and inclusive. This is a setting where all key stakeholders have the opportunity to share and influence the brand's strategic development. In stage three we show our chops, and you rely on our talent and experience to present a series of tightly focused creative solutions that embrace the appropriate organizational sentiments and brand image, as determined by the Brand Charrette and Brand Road Map.