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Web Marketing and eCommerce Solutions

Our sites are custom coded in CSS, PHP and utilize Flash based upon design and functional requirements. They are beta tested and polished on our server before public release. Our unique client solutions are designed to create an engaging and efficient user interface across multiple browser configurations and platforms. The site organization, content hierarchy and page structure is determined through a discovery process linked to our "Brand Charrette."

GA's Client Management System (CMS) is a highly adaptable and completely scalable editing tool that provides our clients full control to manage rapidly changing content, growth and functionality in their site. We also program and/or integrate web experience metrics and reporting systems so you can maintain a flexible and responsive web experience for your audience.

A key word search index is compiled and applied to the underlying page and meta tags to ensure high SEO relevance and page ranking as major directories (Google, Yahoo, MSN) index sites. Our "SEO Best Practices" guidelines are regularly updated to ensure conformity with the major search engine indexing practices and algorithms. Our process of keyword discovery involves analyzing your competitive environment, your content and the top search engine indexes. The resulting list is a mix of high traffic based terms that sustain your long-term search ranking.

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