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Integrated Marketing Communication

We create campaigns that are effective across a broad mix of media. That adds up to multiple brand contact points generating awareness, recall and ultimately persuasion through the seamless application of the brand message. At its core, integrated marketing communication (IMC) is the unifying force that allows campaigns to achieve true depth and breadth with the consuming audience. Developed with discipline and underlying metrics, IMC provides marketers the tools to reach deeper into defined market segments.

At one time print advertising stood alone in intoning a marketer's message. Today that same message is delivered in far more orchestrated and personalized forms. That is the essential reason marketers must seek out skilled creative professionals that are at once comfortable with technology, and adept with its implementation.

The Key Pieces

The traditional elements in marketing communication are still important campaign drivers:

Identity Development - Packaging Design - Print Advertising - Marketing Literature - Environmental Design - Web Design - Permission Email - Channel Marketing

Today, these same tools are focused and coordinated as the brand message is spread through ever more user-defined media. It's here that marketers can exploit customer access at an intimate level to build brand and create long-term loyalty.

To create access at this one-on-one level, marketers need technology partners that understand user interfaces, data collection, and can generate brand building user experiences such as:

Web Sites - Search Engine Optimization - Search Engine Marketing - Client Management Systems